Streatham Q-length in real-time

If enough people in Streatham share queue lengths we can all know how long they are before leaving home

Whenever you are standing in a queue spend 20 seconds to inform your community of the queue length. Then others can see from home how long the queue is and decide when to go shopping.

"Wonderful, inventive thinking – a modern twist on the community value of looking out for your neighbour"
Cllr Jack Hopkins, Leader of Lambeth Council
Cllr Jack Hopkins
Leader of Lambeth Council
"A great way to share information helping us to save time and stay safe whilst supporting our local businesses"
Louise Abbotts
BID Manager

No login, no download, no wait!

This service relies on voluntary input by you. There is no log-in, there is not app, there is no barrier - simply hit the button below and enter the length of the queue you are standing in. This will especially (but not only) help the elderly and vulnerable to plan their shopping better.

It helps the store as well as the community to use time and space most efficiently with the least amount of frustration for everyone.

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Shorter queues

Less potential infections

Takes only 20 seconds

Help the community

How it works

1. Tap the button

Step 1 - tap the button

2. Type in q-length

Step 2 - put in the queue length!
Currently there are only a few shops online. I will add more when there is need. Please scroll down to suggest new stores!

3. Be a HERO

Step 3 - You are a Hero!

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It is hugely important to improve this service. Please take a few minutes and give feedback about this website. Thanks!

Currently this is only enabled for Streatham to see how it is received. If participation is high enough it can be opened up for more communities. Please contact me here for any questions, suggestions or constructive criticism. Thanks!
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